Pray for Ukraine


HART Volunteer Eva Vriens (Edmonton, Alberta)

October 29th 2023

Remembering by Eva Vriens My soft cheek rests against your shoulder, feeling the rough and scratchy fabric of your uniform. I don't mind. I like the smell of you. You are leaving again to fight in a war you do not want, for you are a peaceful man. A tall, strong man who   ▸

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Episodes From The War

October 26th 2023

These unique journal entries are authored by Brother Andrey, a HART ministry partner who serves with his team in the conflict areas. This is always a miracle. When goodness contrasts against evil. When hope is born out of despair. While some 'inhumans' bring destruction, sorrow, and death, other merciful, caring people   ▸

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War In Ukraine Update

October 25th 2023

One of the most troubling aspects of this war is to try to make some sense of the destruction and death that have engulfed the nation of Ukraine. Yet, as we reflect on the 20 months that have passed since the onset of this conflict, and as we survey the   ▸

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A Conversation with Ivan

October 19th 2023

Ivan Rusyn was in the USA to address the First Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Georgia. He talks about the horrors of war, but he also speaks of his people’s willingness to fight. On the danger Ukrainians live with each day, he says, “Frankly speaking, to be in Ukraine now is   ▸

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