Pray for Ukraine


Ukraine's Refugee Exodus Reaches Four Million

March 31st 2022

Ukraine's refugee exodus reaches four million. Out of 7.5 M children in Ukraine - 4.3 M are displaced right now! In the last four weeks, our television screens have shown us scenes of Russia's shelling of civilians and blatant disregard for cease-fires and humanitarian corridors. This has sparked international outrage. Countless   ▸

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Ukraine Refugee Crisis

March 23rd 2022

UKRAINE REFUGEE CRISIS Over 3,500,000 refugees have fled Ukraine to date, with upwards of 10 million on the move right this minute! When a bomb exploded near their house and destroyed their gas and water supply, Sergei and Natalia realized they had to leave. They packed up their three kids, some belongings,   ▸

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Romania and Germany arrive with Humanitarian Aid

March 15th 2022

Trucks arriving from Romania and Germany with Humanitarian aid for Ukraine HART distribution center in Lviv Over 2,700,000 refugees have fled Ukraine to date, with millions on the move right this minute! Refugees are showing up at Ukrainian Churches day and night. The families who walk through their doors have experienced bombs exploding   ▸

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Refugee Crisis

March 8th 2022

The Russian invasion is creating a humanitarian crisis at Ukraine's borders to Europe. 500,000 have exited the country by now, with perhaps a million are on the way. We are in a crisis situation! Refugees can be divided into two categories: firstly, those that want to leave Ukraine for a   ▸

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