Pray for Ukraine


The Bridge

November 23rd 2023

By Pastor Sasha, volunteer relief aid distributor and HART partner I stand on this bridge and see a picture that touches me to the core. The war brought terrible destruction—holes in every sense. Holes are physical—holes in the souls of people. Ukraine returns and liberates the occupied territories. But true liberation   ▸

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God's Plan

November 21st 2023

By brother Andrey, Director of Light of Resurrection Ministries in Ukraine and a HART partner Often, as I reflect on this awful war and the things I have seen and heard, sometimes I can't help but get angry. Very angry. What to do? Do I implore God to call down all   ▸

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The Future Is Too Important to Just Wait For It

November 17th 2023

Volodymyr Zelensky has a message for Americans about democracy. September 4, 12:05 a.m. It is night in Ukraine at the moment. Another week of war is over. And probably no one in Ukraine will remember which week of the war it was. It is the first minutes of a new Monday. The   ▸

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