Pray for Ukraine


Pastor Taken POW and Tortured by Russia

November 15th 2023

Russia has sought to portray itself as a strong Christian society, standing up to the liberalism and "woke-ism" of the West. Nevertheless, the story of Viktor Cherniiavskyi sheds light on a different narrative. He was an Evangelical pastor who volunteered with the Ukrainian military in 2014 and found himself arrested   ▸

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I Will Build My Church

November 14th 2023

Matt 16:18, I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. While the international news outlets may have stopped their coverage of the daily atrocities in Ukraine, the churches in Ukraine have not stopped and will not stop serving their country's people. They will not   ▸

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November 13th 2023

It is clearly obvious that the global spotlight has shifted from Ukraine to the Israel-Gaza conflict over the past several weeks. Therefore, it is understandable that many people in Ukraine are worrying about and questioning whether global attention and resolve can be sustained on two significant conflicts simultaneously. Nonetheless, during the   ▸

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Bottom of the Well Theology

October 30th 2023

During this war, I have become increasingly aware of how emotional and geographic proximity relates to the perception of information. For our friends abroad, the news of the Ukrainian tragedy could remain just a piece of information about events in a neighbouring country. For us, it is the destruction of our   ▸

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