Pray for Ukraine


Love in Action

June 21st 2022

Our sincere thanks to all of our HART community who participated in the MATCHING FUND offers during the past 4 months. Your generous support helped us exceed each of these matching fund campaigns! Because of you, 10s of thousands of refugees (like Volodya and Yulia's family below) have seen God's love   ▸

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100 Days

June 7th 2022

100 Days When Russia started its invasion on February 24, it was impossible to imagine this tragic war going on for 100 days with still no end in sight. '100 days' may sound vague, but each day represents thousands of tragedies: lives lost, homes destroyed, and families forever changed. If we   ▸

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Civilians are being targeted

May 31st 2022

Civilians are being targeted Like you, for the last three months, we have watched Russia's invasion of Ukraine unfold with shock, disbelief, anger, and heartache for those that are suffering. Shortly after their first attack on Ukraine at the end of February, it quickly became apparent that Russia wasn't afraid to   ▸

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Current greatest need - FOOD

May 17th 2022

Current greatest need - FOOD Thanks to everyone in our HART Community in Canada and the USA for your care and concern for the Ukrainian people. You are saving lives every day by assisting HART to provide relief aid like food, clothing, shelter, clean water, and medical aid to men, women,   ▸

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