Pray for Ukraine


God's Plan

November 21st 2023
By brother Andrey, Director of Light of Resurrection Ministries in Ukraine and a HART partner

Often, as I reflect on this awful war and the things I have seen and heard, sometimes I can't help but get angry. Very angry. What to do? Do I implore God to call down all the punishments of heaven upon this insane enemy? - I do. Do I wish for their death? - I do. I shout, "May you die!" I'm a sinner; it often just rolls off my tongue.

But today, in my morning prayer, this was born. "Lord, reveal yourself as never before in our country." As I thought about this more deeply, I suddenly realized - that He does! (Here again, I got a speck in my eye).

I spend my time meeting people's physical and spiritual needs in the front-line regions of Ukraine. What I do is to deliver the right thing to the right place. I'm just a link in a chain of help. Someone found this thing (like a generator) in Poland, someone transported it to Ukraine, someone took it in, called me, and I offered to put it in the right place. I had the honor of being the last link in this long chain.

And God planned it all! He put all the links together. And it's the same for everything I do. "I see God every day." Or rather, "I can see." It helps me not to fall into depression and despondency, thinking, "All is lost."

Look, our anger is righteous. To ask for retribution is just. But there's another cool option. To try to see what God is doing in the here and now. I'm sure we won't be disappointed in what we discover.
Brother Andrey.

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