Pray for Ukraine



November 19th 2022

HART's Child Sponsorship Program has been bringing hope to impoverished families and transforming lives in Ukraine for twenty years. Tens of thousands of families are now facing the worst winter of their lives. Countless desperate mothers - right now are praying for a sponsor for their children. Note from a Mom:   ▸

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November 17th 2022

Schools and cinemas no longer function across Ukraine because of the Russian bombing threat. After several months people realized that something resembling normal life could resume down in the long-forgotten bunkers dotting the country since Soviet times. In a bunker built in the 1960s to withstand the impact of a nuclear   ▸

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Children of Ukraine

October 27th 2022

Millions of children in Ukraine have suffered from more than eight months of relentless bombing and shelling, spending much time in basements or bomb shelters amid air raid alerts. They have endured lack of food and the destruction of their schools, been uprooted from their homes, separated from caregivers, and   ▸

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War in Ukraine - UPDATE

October 14th 2022

Following the Crimean Bridge bombing on the weekend, Vladimir Putin is now unleashing his revenge upon civilian populations in a variety of Ukrainian cities - and adding more war crimes to his resume. The targets included residential neighborhoods but also civilian infrastructure sites that provide heat, electricity, and waterworks. With   ▸

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