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Testimonials from Camps Last Year - 2022

May 16th 2023
FROM A CAMPER: (Lilliia)
I am sincerely grateful to all the sponsors for giving me this opportunity to go to camp. When the war started, I was scared and stopped trusting adults. I was afraid of everyone and didn't want to go out, but here in camp, I met the most sincere and kind teachers and counselors I have ever met in my life. It was in this camp that I was able to distract myself from the terrible events happening in our country. It was the best rehabilitation for me, and I also realized that God is Almighty and loves people and me very much.

FROM A CAMPER: (Svitlana)
My name is Svitlana, and I am from southern Ukraine. The war forced me to come to Lviv (west Ukraine). Thank you very much for making it possible for me to go to a camp. I really liked it there and made a lot of new friends. My friends and I cried all the way home because we didn't want to leave the camp.

We, the workers of the 'Little Pilgrim' camp, want to thank you for the financial support for our camp. Without these funds, we would not have been able to do this camp. Thank you for your generous hearts. The preparation for the camp was complicated this year. We had constant air raid sirens and worried for kids' lives. The whole team was praying because we knew how risky it is to take responsibility for other people's children in such times. But God made a miracle. During the entire camp, there was not a single air raid siren!

The kids were so happy to be in the camp. For a little while, they could forget about all the horror that is happening around them. The grain was sown; now we have to pray for the grain to bring fruit. May God's grace be with you, and may He bless you.

We are so grateful to HART and its sponsors in the USA and Canada for making Ukrainian kids happy by giving them the opportunity to take their minds off this challenging time for Ukraine.

A Christian camp in summer always leaves a special mark on children's hearts, so it was last year. The question of life and death has now become clear and important even for children, as they see the news and hear from adults what is happening, so more than ever; they need hope and the Good News, as well as support from adult counselors who can console and comfort them.

It is also essential for children just to have fun, meet new friends and continue to enjoy their childhood, and they had this opportunity last summer. And whenever air-raid sirens went off, everyone went to the basement, where they sang songs and had tea.

Thank you so much for the vital contribution HART ministry and its supporters make to children's camps every year. May the work God is doing in the hearts of countless children through your dedication and sacrifice strengthen your spirit and encourage your heart!

It was a great happiness to see the smiling faces of the children, a lot of joy and laughter, and happy parents who rejoiced with their children. They also cried when the camp ended because they didn't want to leave it. We praise God for the opportunity to hold the camps and give hope for salvation and a new life to children, teenagers, and their families.

Many thanks to HART and its sponsors in the United States and Canada for their prayerful and financial support of the camps; for many of the children and even the leaders, these were the happiest days of the last six months, and for some of them the most blessed days of their lives.

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