Pray for Ukraine


The Need for Summer Camps

May 15th 2023
One of the ways HART's community can alleviate some of the suffering of Ukraine's children is by giving them opportunities to attend summer camp programs.

During the same period last year, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of support from partner churches who were determined to proceed with summer camps despite the ongoing war. However, instead of organizing stationary camps lasting 7-10 days, which were considered too risky, they opted for local 'Day' camps. This year, we are witnessing even greater enthusiasm for camp programs.

WHY? The reason lies in the unique and powerful nature of Christian camps, offering children who have suffered trauma an opportunity to learn about God's love and experience healing.

By providing a safe and supportive environment, offering spiritual guidance, fostering community and connection with other kids, physical activities, opportunities for creativity and self-expression, teaching biblical principles, and encouraging prayer and meditation, summer camps can help children deepen their faith and find hope and healing in God.

We sincerely thank all of you in HART's community (Canada & USA) who supported camps last year.

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