Pray for Ukraine


But the war is still far from over, and the destruction and pain continue.

February 28th 2023
"Day 352 of the war in Ukraine. We are quickly approaching one year of the most horrible since WWII ended, 78 years ago in Europe.

Two hours ago, at 8.29 a.m., sirens blared, and now the entire country of Ukraine is under a massive missile attack. Dozens of explosions already, and more missiles in the air. Blackouts in many locations right now.

Our four kids and I are in our house’s basement right now. Yet another day without school. Olya and Victoria (wife and daughter) are in our church. There was planned yet another meeting with IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) later today. We are unsure if it will occur since it may take hours before the end of the air raid alarm.

Another disturbing news. Russia is preparing for another major attack on Ukraine by its regular army. In fact, they have more soldiers and ammunition than a year ago. Thankfully, the Ukrainian army is much stronger now.

OUR FAMILY. WE ARE OK. Sitting in the basement for hours is not fun, but our circumstances are much better than millions of other Ukrainians have these days. We have food, and it is warm in our house.

CHURCH AND MINISTRY. There is so much tragedy around us. So, many opportunities to serve. We continue: to serve the widows and orphans of the war (have fellowship with them, help repair their housing, and invite their kids to church youth and teen activities). We continue to serve wounded soldiers. We continue to help IDPs.

When they come to church activities, they come with empty bags, and they take home all leftovers, especially treats for kids, because they cannot afford to purchase candies or cookies.

RIGHT NOW – 10.41 a.m. – Two missiles are approaching the city of L’viv right now – their route will be just above our location where we are now. There will be explosions soon. These missiles crossed over the countries of Moldova and Romania. The missiles are only 40 kilometers (25 miles) away. I will try to send this Email before the explosions (and possible blackouts).

I will write more soon. Pray for us!" PastorYaroslav

Photo Credit to Oleksandr Chernobai

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