Pray for Ukraine


Ukraine's Refugee Exodus Reaches Four Million

March 31st 2022

Ukraine's refugee exodus reaches four million. Out of 7.5 M children in Ukraine - 4.3 M are displaced right now!

In the last four weeks, our television screens have shown us scenes of Russia's shelling of civilians and blatant disregard for cease-fires and humanitarian corridors. This has sparked international outrage. Countless apartment buildings once homes to families are completely destroyed. City centers, ordinarily full of shoppers, have been reduced to rubble. Hospitals meant to provide care and sanctuary have become scenes of destruction.

As we watch this tragedy unfold, most of us feel helpless. And yet - the most important thing we can all do is pray.Please pray that God would work in the hearts of leaders and for an end to this tragic conflict. Please pray for millions of families as they face fearful and uncertain days ahead. Pray for the Ukrainian government and president to turn to God.

We have just passed the one-month mark since Russia invaded Ukraine. On that first day, when a map revealed how extensive the bombing was across Ukraine, we knew this was the beginning of a historic refugee crisis.

In response, churches across Ukraine transformed into REFUGEE CENTERS and began selflessly serving thousands of people escaping the war zones.

This has been the fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II. And tragically, these people — mostly women and children — have no idea when, if ever, they'll be able to return home and see their fathers, sons, and husbands ever again.

They desperately need essentials like food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. It was also critical that church volunteers take the time to talk, pray and comfort the families as they work through their trauma.

Thanks to YOUR SUPPORT,we are resourcing these Church Refugee Centers that are impacting thousands of lives every day!

HART church partner story: The Family From Mariupol

They stumbled into our church for one night, hardly being able to find the words to express their thoughts and feelings.

Their family, three children (ages 1-6) and four adults had lived in a basement for two weeks, hearing and feeling bombs exploding all around them. Then, miraculously along with other locals, they'd been given 3-5 minutes to use an evacuation corridor. Those who didn't manage to get out of this hell were shot.

This family with small children had to run, literally stepping over dead bodies. Witnessing this horror, they looked death in the eyes, praying to God for mercy and salvation.

Everything they owned was left behind except for personal documents, as their house was completely destroyed. They had nothing to eat for three days and drank dirty water from melted snow.

They entered our church exhausted, scared, and dirty. We gave them a warm place to stay and fed them. After having a hot bath, they went to sleep in a warm, clean bed.

It was simply impossible to look at this young family without crying.We provided lots of support for them (as we do for all our 'guests'): clean clothes, shoes, baby food, money, hygienic items, and medicines.

We are praying for all the people experiencing the terrible horrors of this war and believe that God will help and support them.Thank you for your support!Please pray for Ukraine! Pray for peace in our land. Pastor Sasha

Your support is saving lives!

Every donation to HART, large or small, is used to save lives. We are doing everything we can to help those suffering in Ukraine during this war. YOUR gift of $10 - 100 - 500 - 1000 will be used for:
  • Purchasing ambulances for the front lines
  • Purchasing vehicles (vans) for evacuating people from war zones and dispersing humanitarian aid to Refugee Centers
  • Providing fuel for vehicles to evacuate refugees - deliver humanitarian aid to combat zones - transport refugees to European borders
  • Purchasing food and basic necessities for refugees in shelters and food packages as they make their way to the borders
  • Purchasing baby food and diapers for mothers with little children
  • Providing medication, as well as psychological and spiritual support to those who survived the bombings
  • Providing temporary accommodation to refugees who are remaining in Ukraine until the war ends
  • Purchasing electric generators for hospitals, churches, and refugee shelters in Ukraine
  • Purchasing First Aid kits for battlefield soldiers, and chaplains
  • Purchasing food products in Poland for distribution from our warehouse in Warsaw - into all regions of Ukraine, even those close to war zones
  • Delivering relief aid and food to war zone regions for soldiers and civilians. Many civilians are without food or water.

Your gift will help meet people's immediate physical needs and show them God's love during this uncertain time.

A family of 5 from Kharkiv, who fled from the bombing with their three sons, now temporarily live in our church.

The mother's words: "Always thank God: for just still living, for having the opportunity to wake up in the morning and see another new day."

Refugee mothers with their kids. The courage and power of motherly love helps them to fight and live on, to dream and not to lose heart.

“As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you” (Isaiah 66:13)

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