Pray for Ukraine


Ukraine Refugee Crisis

March 23rd 2022


Over 3,500,000 refugees have fled Ukraine to date, with upwards of 10 million on the move right this minute!

When a bomb exploded near their house and destroyed their gas and water supply, Sergei and Natalia realized they had to leave. They packed up their three kids, some belongings, got into their old car, and left for Western Ukraine. Theirs was a harrowing journey beginning in their own town, as Russian soldiers harassed civilians and even tried to force their cars off the roads and into the ditches.

Pastor Vasyl told us this family drove for two days straight, absolutely terrified of getting out of their vehicle. "They finally did, only when they were near our house," he said. "They arrived tired, dirty, and exhausted. They were all shaking in fear and didn't even have the strength to have a bath, so we fed them, comforted and prayed with them, and let them sleep."

With tears in his eyes, he continued, "The greatest reward was how they expressed their gratitude toward my wife and me as they left, saying to us, "We have seen Christ in you." Pastor Vasyl

A message from HART's Ukraine director

"We are doing everything we can to help those suffering in my country, so we would not have to repeat the words of Oskar Schindler, where at the end of the movie he breaks down when he realizes, 'I could have saved more!' To all HART supporters - thank YOU for allowing us to help 10s of thousands of displaced people in Ukraine get to safety." Kostya Voloshyn


A civil defense siren is used to warn the general population of approaching danger. Today, in Ukraine, when this siren goes off, it means to immediately find shelter from potential Russian missiles headed toward their town or city. For adults and especially children, hearing that wailing sound instantly generates feelings of terror and fear. It is traumatizing for everyone. The children in the picture above are refugees who have fled from war zones and are safe in a church in Western Ukraine. They soon will be across the border into Europe, far away from that terrifying sound.

Your support is saving lives!

Thanks to your support, we are able to purchase ambulances and vans in Poland to be used in Ukraine to save lives, distribute relief aid for refugees, and evacuate people from the war zones. 10 AMBULANCES FOR THE FRONT LINES

In the past week we sent ten ambulances into Ukraine with more coming next week. These vehicles are delivered to medical personnel in Kyiv, Kherson and other front-line locations, to save the lives of soldiers and civilians. Ave Cost: $6-12,000.


We also sent 6 vans to HART's Church partners to assist in the distribution of Humanitarian Aid brought in by Semi-Trucks from Germany, and also to be used for evacuating people from the war zones.Ave Cost: $3-10,000.

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